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Danish[edit]Things[edit]In Danish a common placeholder word is dims (derived from German Dings), used for small unspecified objects (gadgets). Long, thin and pointy objects may be called javert or javertus, derived from the verb jage in the meaning ‘thrust’. Other placeholders for objects are dingenot, dimsedut, dippedut, huddelifut, himstregims, himstregimst and tingest; sager (lit. ‘stuff’) and grej (lit. ‘gear’).Persons[edit]Anders Andersen is the Danish version of John DoePlaces[edit]Faraway countries are often called Langtbortistan, lit. Farawayistan.Backwards places in the countryside are called Lars Tyndskids marker, lit. The fields of Lars Diarrhea which is similarly pronounced word play on an earlier form: Lars tøndeskiders marker, lit. The fields of Lars the barrel shitter – a reference to areas in the countryside where Lars the farmer has to relieve himself on a barrel, because there is no sewer system.The word langtpokkerivold is a placeholder for a place far far away e.g. he kicked the ball langtpokkerivold.

Source: List of placeholder names by language – Wikipedia

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